Red Apple, after years of successful cooperation with packaging processing and standardization companies of fresh vegetables, supplying them with fresh okra, also undertook the collection of Macedonian peppers from the prefecture of Rodopi. Thus, in recent years, it has successfully managed to supply approximately 1000 tons of Macedonian peppers per year. This successful expansion of Red Apple’s product range is yet another proof of the company’s dynamism and its ability to adapt to market needs.

In the Prefecture of Rodopi, the areas cultivated with Macedonian peppers have increased in recent years and amount to approximately 500 acres. This crop has the potential to produce large quantities of fruit from small areas.

Red Apple works with over 150 certified Macedonian pepper producers in the region, while the agronomists working with the company provide advice on cultivation and harvesting with strict plant protection control.

The company has a large number of refrigerated trucks for the daily collection of production from producers and its transport to its facilities, where it is gathered and transported for processing to specialized companies.